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YACK are developing a habit of conducting mediocre interviews. This was no exception, it started with a brief call and response of Mean Girls quotes, and went downhill from there. This is what YACK‘s Robb Hiscock and Edityourhometown‘s Connor Stanford, Daniel Gibbon and Steven Fountain chatted about.

DG– Yeah, so this is probably the only scenario where you’ll get an interview with a guy on the toilet.
SF– Photo or gtfo.

Yeah we’ll need a photo of that man, I’m not starting until this photo rears its ugly head.

DG– dgpoo
You have a really defined style of music, what made you guys go down this route?

SF– Route one theme song from Pokemon Yellow.
DG Between The Buried And Me, 100%.
CS– Watch out Pokemon are in the tall grass.
DG- Oh, so i’m the only one being serious?
CS- Nah we pretty much play whatever Gibbon writes, and then add our bits. Riffs first and then everything else. So basically it’s just Gibbon being a cunt.
DG– Have you listened to BTBAM? It’s like death metal with a million different vibes chucked in… and somehow it works. I wanted a slightly more accessible version of that. Plus we can’t decide what kind of music we like most… and we also like shouting.

How are you influenced to write music?

CS- Just tapping out obscure rythms that turn into riffs, I guess. Gibbon and I are both drummers so it’s all about rhythm.
DG- Tatu are pretty much my muse… I literally have no idea how songs get written, they just do.

Who or what are your songs really about?

SF– Connor, this ones for you.
DG- They seem to end up being about shit people on the whole, even when Ian’s writing lyrics.
CS- Mostly death, violence, suicide. Our lyrics are rarely happy.

Are you all unhappy?

DG- laughs Depends what day you ask me.
CS- I watch way too much David Lynch and play too much Pokemon
DG- I’m happiest when i’m running through paddling pools naked with these guys.
SF- I am super happy I just like being pushed to write interesting bass lines.

Do you really enjoy playing Math Rock?

DG- Yes.
SF- No.
CS- Couldn’t play anything else now, really.

How would you say the industry treats new artists like yourself?

DG- “The industry” doesn’t even notice us! I would say…But it’s a huge mix between lovely people willing to help/ get involved and terrible people who see us as a thorn in their side I guess.
SF- I would like to see our music on the X-Factor.
DG- Yes! Why haven’t we entered? I would like to see you on the X-Factor Robb, what would you do?

I would perform a note perfect rendition of R-Kelly’s Ignition.

SF- The guys in the local music scene in Brighton seem pretty nice and we’ve made some real nice friends in other bands.
DG- Oh yeah, the bands we love love us back. So much love.
SF- I would grind Simon Cowell’s face in a loin cloth.

Ok, picture the scene, you’re in an alleyway, you are approached by a drunk Hulk Hogan. He wants to mug you, what do you do?

DG– I fucking give him what he wants. You don’t fuck with him.
CS- Touch his man-titties, he’s so fetch.
SF- He wont attack me because he respect my beard. My beard is my self defence
CS- He is also a very charming man, I think he’d be polite. I’d spread my butt cheeks for Hogan.
DG- A good old fashioned polite mugging.
SF- I’d kick his walking stick and then set gibbon up on a date with his daughter.

Same scenario only this time it’s Carol Vorderman.

DG- The tables have turned!
CS- There would be so much Math in that situation. “Math rock band mugged by Math genius”
SF- I want this to happen now.

So, what shows do you have coming up?

CS- A paint party at Flarez in Hastings on the 19th.
DG- Ooh we’re trying to plan a short tour-type thing around the south to promote our new material. It’s pretty different to the EP in many ways. More Jazz flute. Seriously.
CS- We want to get more shows, but finding bands to gig with is so hard.
DG- Well it’s not hard to find bands, just line ups we sit nicely in. It’s our greatest strength and weakness, playing nonsense.


If you could replace any member of your band with a mega rock star, who would it be and why?
CS– We’d prefer Slash to Gibbon.
DG- Infact, I’d like to form a mega group with Michael Jackson, Dimebag Darrell and Ray Charles. Zombie-math-funk-jazz-spaz-core.
SF- I would replace myself with Sid Vicious.

Name the one person you hate in this world. Just one.

CS- Gibbon
DG- Wow. There are so many.
SF- Is it not weird when you rub a dogs belly and their nipples get in the way?
DG- It’s a really close call but I would love to punch Tom Cruise in the face.
SF- You should hit small children. Wait are we going to get in trouble for saying this?
DG- I want him to know he’s a prick. I’m sure Tom Cruise reads YACK.

He does. Avid reader.

SF- I would punch Nigel Farage, smug cunt.

Where did the punching come from? You guys are violent individuals.

SF- Oh sorry off subject. I hate all the bullies.
DG- Ian is by far the most violent. Don’t tell him I said that, he’ll hit me.
SF- We are very peaceful individuals. Our ideal night in is playing computer games and eating cheese with Christmas chutney.

Which member of the band is everybody’s bitch?
CS- Gibbon.
SF- Connor.
CS- Dammit.
DG– Thats a 2-1 victory to the truth.
SF- I love how no-one said me, fucking pussies.

Who is your favourite Mean Girl?

CS- Definitely Gretchin
DG- It’s got to be pre-rehab Lohan.
SF- Yeah for sure
CS- Prehab.

Finally, Is Punk dead?

CS- Yes, go to a punk gig, how many turn up?
SF- I never got that, there are punk bands that are dead and some that are still alive.
DG- Of course not… it just lacks attention.
SF– I’ve been to some packed punk shows and had a hell of a time. To be honest I think most genres now have become sort of cult circles.
CS- Yeah, Hipsters killed punk.
SF- I mean the Run For Cover stuff, most of their shows are packed and the bands on their rosta are pretty much all dope.

You can catch Edityourhometown at Flarez, Hastings 19 July, for a rad paint party and watch this space for news of gigs in Southampton on 20 July and Dartford on the 22 July.

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