New Music – Kilkovec ‘Plunge’ (EP)

Here at YACK! we have been following Kilkovec since they released their debut E.P Know Your Place and it’s genuinely incredible how these guys have progressed, creating a polished and professional sound along the way. Kilkovec‘s latest release ‘Plunge’  is testament to the hard work the band have put in on the local circuits honing their talents. So far Kilkovec have shared the stage with Yearbook, Seething Akira, Flood of Red, Bad Sign, Press to Meco, Black Foxxes, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, but the raw and energetically captivating ‘Plunge’ will surely place Kilkovec at the top of many bigger bills this year. Not only does this latest release ooze the musicianship that will easily maraud its way onto the forefront of exciting new music, it also has the diversity to appeal to a vast and varied audience.

The E.P kicks off with ‘Change’, which is also the first single to be released from Plunge. ‘Change’ takes a short while to introduce itself, but once it does it delivers a heavy and infectious hook that is synonymous with Kilkovec‘s melodic alt-rock sound. ‘Change’ is one of the stand out tracks from the E.P and with its delicate blend of gritty guitar work and ariose vocal lines we are seriously fucking digging this track.

The tempo gets turned up a notch by the frantic thrash of ‘Just Gets Better’, and despite me just describing this song a frantic thrash it actually has a wonderfully subtle vocal performance. The vocal nuances in the chorus for example make this track stand out above the level of other independent acts, its moments of songwriting like this that sets Kilkovec apart from their peers.

As the E.P progresses your next encounter is the sonically diverse ‘Somerset Cottage’, and just as you think you are in for a more relaxed 4 minutes, your ears get assaulted by a wall of grungy guitars and pounding drums. You’re soon tricked into thinking that walls have come down as the track relaxes back into a clean and calming guitar riff…oh wait no it blows up again. This track does not let you rest on your laurels, nor does it tempt you to become bored, it is three minutes and forty three seconds of aural excitement.

Don’t think that these are the only three tracks on the E.P, oh no this is a full eight tracks of brilliance, that holds you close the whole way through and beyond. Thankfully Kilkovec have supplemented the release of ‘Change with a neat music video which will keep your eyes stimulated, you can watch it below.

If you want to catch these guys live they are embarking on a mini-tour to celebreate the release of Plunge starting January 26th at The Alexandra Beer Emporium in Southampton. Full dates can be found below. For more information about Kilkovec, where to watch them play live or if you just want to snoop through their photos you can find them on all the major social media channels. 

Pre-orders of Plunge can be made at, are you ready to take the plunge?

Kilkovec Tour Dates

26.01 – The Alexandra Beer Emporium, Southampton

27.01 – Sanctuary Live, Basingstoke

28.01 – Icebreaker Festival, Portsmouth

29.01 – Green Door Store, Brighton

01.02 – Tooting Tram and Social, London

Words by Robb Hiscock

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