New Music – Weinf ‘Requiem For Myself’ (Album)

To start this off Requiem For Myself has an undeniable groove to it, exemplified in the tracks ‘Farewell’ and ‘Keep My Mind Away’. The album is littered with a filter effect that gives every song Weinf’s trademark psychedelic feel, that at times sounds like Jimi Hendrix and Tame Impala had a musical love child. The ten track record has a number of musical interludes which spaces the album out nicely and fits with the whole feel of the record. Requiem For Myself conjures up images of a quiet, smokey bar at four in the morning, with the smell of booze in the air, or the intro to some seedy ’60s cop drama (which is no bad thing).

The production quality of Requiem For Myself is neat, with the guitars and drums sounding clean and tidy. The only downfall from what I can hear is the vocal delivery. It’s low in the mix and it feels like there is a lack of confidence, which is shame as in certain songs the vocals do have a little more conviction and they sound great. This could be down to the fact that Weinf is Spanish, so we can surely all forgive this minor criticism . Considering that English is not Weinf’s first language, the lyrical quality in each of the tracks on this album is spot-on. Overall the album is moody and spaced-out and occupies the atmosphere with ease.

My personal favourite track on this album is a instrumental piece, now this is not a dig at the vocal delivery on the other tracks because I have already said my piece on that. The track ‘Roadtrip’ has this easy listening feel to it. It is a song that flows through the ears and the mind, a real head-bobber. What I like most about this track is that you could listen to it on repeat for hours without realising how many times its played through and still take the same enjoyment out of it as you did with the first listen.

All in all the whole album is a laid back, beautifully written piece of art, that I have personally found has had a positive impact on my concentration levels whilst studying. Whether you listen to the album for chilled background music, or if you want this album at the forefront to create an atmosphere at a party, it will suit the occasion.

The album is available to stream on Spotify and I know everybody has Spotify so you have no excuses for not giving it a listen.

Alternatively and more importantly the album is available at Weinf’s Bandcamp and all proceeds are being given to a Children’s hospital to enhance the lives of children going through chemotherapy. The money will be used to buy video games and consoles to help improve the mental health of said children. 

So please please please head over to and purchase a copy of the album (available in digital and hard copy). 


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