New Music – Chris Kelly ‘Your Day Begins Again’

A charming and inspiring insight into the very simple human pleasures and how the smallest interaction can completely reshape someone’s day.

The track begins with a merry little jittery skip on an acoustic guitar. This is soon joined by the vocals and the concrete lyricism that paints a vivid picture.

When the thunderous bass and drums join in they usher in this orchestral movement that sweeps the listener up in its immersive and rushing soundscape.

The chorus comes in with explosive force after a brief stop, knock knock knock rhythm shift. The message is an incredibly positive one, trying to find the small joys that can turn a frown upside down.

The song is overall incredibly upbeat, with a boogie inducing tempo, and major chords. Yet lyrically it has a great depth and a darker undercurrent. It’s a bold, brave, and brutally honest look at struggling mental health.

The finale serves up this delicious psychedelic astral plane riff on the chords and themes of the song. It shows off a different sound, and side to the artist and it is a gorgeous experimental exploration.

Chris Kelly is a unique and passionate voice and the vocals punch powerfully for their poetic concrete weighted lyrics. This song starts very simply but subtly the soundscape shifts into something much more intricate and beautiful.

Words by Matt Miles.

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