New Music – Oblio ‘Yellow Moon’

Blowing in with devilish dust of the dancing desert rock boogie the Yellow Moon and it’s looming luminescence induces a blissful lunacy from start to finish.

It starts with a decaying sway on the guitar that is beautifully backed by a bouncing bass that bowls through the soundscape like playing skittles with a cannonball.

There is a fuzzed out distortion at the root of the sound that gives it a lick of cool but the precision of every riff and run is perfect, they aren’t hiding anything in the incredible noise.

Lyrically it has some luscious little lines but the thematic whole is a spooky and weird blood spattered narrative that has a whole lot of fun hooting, hollering, and howling beneath the Yellow Moon.

The is a definite Desert Sessions quality to the sound that is daggering disco oasis to these thoroughly parched ears. This is rock’n’roll as it should be, a swervy, whirling, dervish of devilish riff and rhythm.

Words by Matt Miles.

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