New Music – Teenage Mortgage ‘Valley’

Filthy dark growling guitars that ravage the riffs at the heart of this fever dream psychedelic soundscape. Wailing vocals that dive deep into the immersive bed of the sludgy sound.

It starts with a stomping crash of the drums that is joined by a fiddle and wiggle in the riff. It slowly builds until the cataclysmic explosion of the chorus.

There is a raw and primal force that shifts like tectonic plates as the track shifts into its divine and devilish true form. The power of the vicious vocals wind down through their range in a rushing descent to the bedrock of the harder than granite riffs.

In the finale they introduce a haunting vocal hum that sits perfectly into the druidic almost shaman like magic of the enchanting and ecstatic frenzy.

This is a sound that is entirely unique. It has sharp teeth that sink into your flesh but it also has a trembling technicality that tears through the speakers to shake your very core.

Words by Matt Miles.

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