New Music – Lex Lakaiser ‘Who I Am’

With the infinite lifespan afforded by immortality it’s unsurprising that this vampire MC can sink his fangs into a beat to bust out bars without equal delivered with a phenomenal flow.

The beat has an old school orchestral feel. Stabbing drums and a tasty little vocal chorus hook. The keys are pure bliss and it creates this intricate and intimate soundscape that invites you in.

Lyrically it is incredibly inventive, like how Wu Tang incorporate Kung Fu myth into their schemes Lakaiser tells his story shrouded through the mist and mystery of vampirism.

They aren’t just creative in content though, the MC shows off both an incredibly talent for multisyllabic schemes and a confident and accomplished flow that glides effortless over the beat.

Comparisons to Tupac on this track in particular would be very fair, maybe Tupac really didn’t die, because he was an immortal being?

This is a project that is as interesting as it is unique and we can’t wait to hear more.

Words by Matt Miles.

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