New Music – Sapphire Blues ‘Church Of England’

With a whirlwind of bouncing bass, frenzied guitars, and thunderous drums, a powerful poetic anguish is screamed into the maelstrom.

The track introduces itself at full force with the energetic bass line leading the charge. The frenetic soundscape steps back at the introduction of the vocals to give them space to begin their own howl.

When it all reconnects there is a rawness to each separate instrumental line that matches the dissonant dissatisfaction of the lyrics.

The choruses are the eye of the storm, a brief moment of melody and calm that allows the track and its message to sink in.

Lyrically it’s an angsty ode to the lack of connection and passion in the average unexamined life. If God is dead that what have we replaced them with?

The new church is the local boozer but even in worship of the cups little true growth or solace is found. It is a tender and terrifying truth that resonates with a disturbing familiarity.

Sapphire Blues have this raw current of surging electricity that pulses through every track from the bass and drums. That power fuels the melodic and monumental guitar riffs and the raging ferocity if the vocals and the weighted lyrics that drives them.

Words by Matt Miles.

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