New Music – SubLuminal ‘Falling For Androids’

With a divinely inspired indie orchestral flick, flux, and flex on the strings, SubLuminal have crafted a charming conceptual and creative anthem for Android love.

Falling For Androids‘ is part of the Android Youth EP an experimental multimedia project that tells the story of Android 0049. It was a standout feature of the Festival Of The Impossible with live performance of the poetry and music in costume and unique visuals.

The music can more than stand up on its own though. With the orchestral arrangement and gorgeously soft and tender vocals tempting you into the cyber-punk landscape of song.

Lyrically the song is sung from the perspective of a support robot that falls hopelessly in love with the titular Android. It provides a distinctly abstract opportunity to explore what love really is and the writing dives head first into the poetic and philosophical depth it provides.

This is art in the truest sense. Music that melts the heart while also manifesting visceral visual imagery through its narrative and world building.

SubLuminal clearly live in the borderlands, forsaking expectation or genre to experiment with exciting new ideas.

This playful creativity is underscored by a masterful musicianship that elevates the song into the cosmic universe that the songs so carefully create.

Words by Matt Miles.

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