New Music – Kaleo Sansaa ‘Black Light’

Channeling the cosmic jazz magic of the infinite Sun Ra, Kaleo Sansaa has woven a soundscape of experimental, exquisite, enchanting ecstasy.

Combining the powerful poetry of the spoken word the track introduces itself with divine poise and positioning.

It welcomes the listener in for the journey, allowing them to take a seat comfortably cross legged while they are treated to the nourishing narrative and soul food of Sansaa’s raw, pure, vein blood poetics.

Leaning into its hip hop heritage the vocals dance majestically atop the beat as they create a hypnotic haze with the chorus.

The verses pick up the tempo with an impressive talent for intricate placement, cadence, flow, and breath control.

The beat is dark and dissonant creating an uneasy march underneath that evokes images of magic and magnificence which is reflected glimmering and glistening in the prism of the lyrics.

This is music that is unique, universal, and utterly unheard of. It absorbs the cosmic vibrations sent to the sun and back by Sun Ra and explodes with solar flare force birthing a brand new dazzling star.

Words by Matt Miles.

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