New Music – The Sweet Kill ‘Closer’

Dark and daggering synths cut deep into the flesh as the deep and richly resonant vocals hypnotise atop this disco goth anthem.

The track explodes from the speaker with the thundering bass. It’s soon joined by the effortlessly cool croon of the vocals as they pick out a poetic strut across the front of the track.

As it builds and evolves the threatening build of the synths begins to foreshadow the cataclysmic climax of the chorus. There is a joyous and cathartic release in the whirlwind of intricate instrumentation in the main refrain.

There is a neon tinted retro swagger to the track, but it doesn’t just lean on the nostalgia to sell the sound, in fact the flick and flex of it is done with finesse and restraint.

By bringing in the heavier punk and gothic influence in the mix it manages to merge, mingle, and meld the genres in a melting pot that defies genre or era. Making something timelessly ambiguous and gloriously addictive.

Words by Matt Miles.

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