New Music – George Kano ‘Cameron’

A funk fuelled cosmic joy ride into outerspace, George Kano takes us on a kaleidoscopic journey of smooth grooves, jazzy breaks, and spitfire tight lyricism.

It starts out with the skittering sparkling keys picking out a funky little starscape. As the bass comes in the constellation fills in with a little more nuanced clarity.

At the beginning of the track you could be lulled into the safety net of expectation riding the easy funk-soul vibe. But from the very first bar you can tell this is a whole different kind of beast.

George Kano has something shockingly rare for an MC, effortless flow. He rides on top of the music easily peppering the high hats and breaks with percussive and melodic lines.

The intricacy of the schemes is well written but it’s the delivery that makes you sit up and listen. It reminds me of Wax and Herbal T‘s early work. It just fits perfectly over the funky beat.

The majority of the track is an up-tempo party banger, but at the mid point it shatters again taking a jazzy instrumental break that again reintroduces the far out space motif of this artists infinite reach.

The production is faultless, the rhymes are fire, the instrumentation is awe inspiring, the progression is unexpected, unique, and utterly divine.

Words by Matt Miles

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