New Music – Dusty Bo ‘Ready’

Dredged up straight from the swamp, “Ready” smacks you round the ears with a thunderous sludgy slap.

The bubbling fuzzy fizzy bass and stadium boom, boom, clap, of the drums set the mood perfectly during the intro.

When the vocals kick in they have that passionate and cool classic rock swagger. They bounce back off of the echoed chorus of “woah oh oh” even stronger, amplified with an electrifying energy.

The track has a creeping build that you can feel sparking throughout, the clap of the drum begs the listener to join in. By the time the first chorus rears its monstrous head, you’re ready to abandon all reason and get freaky.

Being labelled as a “dancehall” favourite is usually the realm of disco or pop but this absolute shuddering, juddering beast is impossible to ignore. It will get you stomping, romping, and ready to shake your rump all around the bedroom.

Lyrically it speaks directly to the audience, imparting an infectious tempo and confidence that stays with you long after the track finishes.

Cataclysmic and cathartic choruses, bellowing booming bass, and puppet master stringed drums beats that beg the listener to join in. If this is what Dusty Bo are looking to throw down, we’ll be in the front row picking it right back up with giddy abandon.

Words by Matt Miles

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