New Music – Vangelism ‘Eighteen’

Snarling guitars, growling vocals, crashing drums, and venomous wit spit lyricism make up the guts and glory of this powerful punk duo.

‘Eighteen’ takes a look back at the farse and folly of youth to pound out an anthem of self reflection and growth.

The juddering guitars pierce through the audio onslaught to create this see-sawing rhythm that mirrors the pride and disgust in the lyrics.

Feral and ferocious Vangelism take punk and somehow make it even grittier, kicking dirt into the eyes of the mainstream and then attacking tooth and claw.

It has an old school energy but with a new wave cool, it croons like The Strokes but kicks you in the balls like Black Flag.

It’s poetic in its lyricism dismantling the notion of the beauty of youth but at the same time provides an acerbic fresh take on the society that moulded it.

Words by Matt Miles

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