New Music – Chaos Commute ‘Bluffing’

With monstrous riffs, juggernaut foot stomp drums, and growling vocals this is punk rock that blows your speakers as well as your ear drums.

It starts with a tickling electricity in the lead line which is backed up with this cataclysmic crashing of the drums that drives the track towards its inevitable explosive climax.

The vocals tear themselves to shreds on the mic with a devilishly amped up backing echo that makes each line longer even longer on the ear.

Lyrically the song has venom and it isn’t afraid to sink it’s teeth in. A very vocal attack on the poser and pretender it punches a poetic fist through the veneer of their fake smile.

Chaos Commute have an addictive energy that pulses out from the speaker to whip you up into their whirlwind of aggression and serious feel good riffery.

Words by Matt Miles

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