New Music – The Lunar Keys ‘Stop This’

The Lunar Keys sound like if U2 and Feeder were blended together and then sprinkled with some cosmic seasoning.

It begins with the bubbling bounce of the bass, the spaced out interstellar strut of the guitar, and the pounding flourish of the dancing drumbeat.

When the vocals join in they have that low end fuzzy tone with just a little touch of echoing reverb. It lends them a power and electricity that collides with the passionate performance for a turbocharged display.

Lyrically the song toys with the idea of an uncontrollable love that bursts from within unbeckoned and all consuming. It’s unclear whether the feeling is welcome, it’s monstrous presence is intimidating, and clearly we’ve all been bit before.

There are some really slick little instrumental breaks at a few points in the track, the guitar solo towards the end kicks in with enough voltage to leave the listener stunned.

The bass is the thing that we can’t ‘Stop This‘ feeling for, from the very start of the track its furiously bouncing boisterously on the bed of the soundscape.

The Lunar Keys are a band with an anthemic sound, it’s stadium rock that serves up monstrous riffs and high voltage passion fuelled performance.

Words by Matt Miles

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