New Music – Motoclub ‘Get To Shelter’

It begins with the filthy swagger of a riff positively dripping with the swampy primordial ooze and raw powerful aggression behind it. The sound continues to build into this frenzied howl that tickles the ear drum with its fuzzy tone and hypnotising sway.

Motoclub are one of those few bands who are happy to take the simplest of ingredients and build something beautifully behemoth in stature. The sound is gargantuan in nature and it’s at its core just the guitar and the drums.

There is an amazing tone to the instruments and the track has clearly had some masterful production put into it. Every note and hit of the high-hat fizzes with an energy and pure passionate purr. The track builds on its initial growl to tune it into a cacophonic yell that releases itself in the chorus.

The two musicians behind the monstrous sound have been playing together since they were kids and the connection and harmony shines through in their playing. Lyrically the song champions the underdog and it’s an anthemic song that flexes with a feral confidence that won’t linger on the underground for too long before it morphs into an unstoppable force that topples all above on its rise to the top.

Words by Matt Miles

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