New Music – Electric Candlelight ‘Grand Delusion’

Swaggering in with a full arsenal of wailing guitar riffs and oozing bluesy blood pouring from every open artery, this is music that screams with raw passion and power.

Electric Candlelight was formed in the crucible trash can fire of the global lockdown, yet the music this band have been making already speaks for itself.

It could be argued that the band is a supergroup with members hailing from a long list of other acts. They have clearly channeled into something entirely its own though.

The music has just enough of the growling showmanship of glam sprinkled with the authenticity of its strong connection to its bluegrass roots.

With the shake of a tambourine and the flourish of a flexing guitar riff the band make a massive sound that towers over the listener and demands the pay tribute in dance.

It’s gargantuan in stature but with sleek and sexy instrumentation that oozes a cool rock-‘n’-roll authenticity and intricacy.

It doesn’t rely on genre, trope, or familiarity and instead stomps a toe tapping boot to a rhythm entirely its own.

Words by Matt Miles.

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