New Music – Air Devi ‘Shaky’

With the charming hop and skip of the twinkling indie guitar strings and a delightful build throughout ‘Shaky’ is a track that is constantly stepping up. It is lyrically and vocally incredibly well crafted with nods and wiggling brilliance that engage and excite.

The song is a poetically honest and open song about to our ear sounds like social anxieties and the paralysation of a panic attack. It is powerfully self examining and easily relatable to the crippled and worried generation that have grown up through such unease and confusion. The world is a garbage fire.

Air Devi play with a lot of energy and passion, it reminds me of the indie bands that I grew up on. The Trail Of Dead and Ben Kweller’s of the world. Open vein honesty and a gut punching ferocity in the music that lifts it far above the simpler instrumentation and decibel level it technically utilises. It has the energy of prog metal without the deafening decibels.

The song speaks of hope and self improvement, it does not wallow or whine, rather it points at the mistakes we all make and builds on the wisdom learned. It is a beautiful anthem that I hope many listeners can both embody and express themselves through.

The chorus has this explosive climactic feel as the guitars and drums all join together in a fuzzy, heady, outburst and outpouring of the songs sentiment. It has a beautiful battlecry.

Words by Matt Miles

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