New Music – The Crowleys ‘Somnia’

Kaleidoscopic sonic journey through the refracted beams of a prism. The elfin vocals add a mystical quality that deepens into folklore with the darker dives and haunting spectral chorus.

It begins with a skeletal thumping on the drum kit accompanied by this throbbing electronic drone that pulses in and out like the peaks of a trip or the breath of a planet.

When the track erupts into full bloom with the captivating vocals the soundscape evolves into something more powerfully full.

The vocals are at once body soft and hard. They have an aggressive belt to them but don’t overplay it, keeping it much more subtle and playful.

Their is a sugary sweetness to the singing, but one that you know better than to take for granted because it has visibly sharp teeth and it isn’t afraid to use them.

The song doesn’t spend too long in any one sound, constantly evolving, building, morphing, and moving on. Like the seasons effect on a forest it is constantly in flux. At times joyous but small, and others terrifyingly large.

Lyrically it is poetic and passionate, painting picturesque imagery that invites the listener along for the gorgeously bizarre tumble down the rabbit hole of imagination.

This is a band that aren’t looking to just make music, their making magic. It’s enchanting, it’s spellbinding, you’ll be utterly captivated from the very smallest drop.

Words by Matt Miles

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