New Music – MarlinBeats ‘Love Lust’

Serving up some new themes and flavours this is not hip hop content to languish in the language of anguish. Thoughtful and progressive lyricism that surfs the waves of trap beats with an old school flow and flex added for a little extra spice.

Love Lust‘ preaches love in all its forms, over the course of the track it touches on many different facets of what it means to love. It doesn’t just focus on the straight and obvious difference between love and lust but dives a little deeper into the dissonance between the superficial and more meaningful.

Vocally it has a golden age flow that melds beautifully into the gorgeous piano driven beat. It has a delicious little groove to it that is expertly ridden by the MCs and the sumptuous female vocals of the hook.

As part of the larger album ‘SINK or SWIM’ shows a different side to the outfit. It is the first strong departure from the more trappy beginnings and the album continues to evolve from there with beats and vocal flows that show off a sound built from multiple influences and genres.

This is a sound that is entirely it’s own, it doesn’t go for the low hanging fruit of clichés or easy rhyme in the lyrics or the soundscape of the beats underneath. It’s mature song writing with a narrative and a message. Music made by those that clearly truly love music.

It serves as a great introduction and you should definitely check out the album in its entirety.

Words by Matt Miles

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