New Music – Femegade ‘Pornsick’

Crashing in with ferocious riffs and thunderous drums, the Femegades back up their bark with toothy lyrics and vocals that leave a flesh wound from a vicious bite. It isn’t feral aggression though, their righteous ire is levelled with passion and power at the broken systems and violent masculinity hanging limp dicked and impotent from the rafters of oppression that the modern world was built upon.

This is what punk rock should be. Angry, aggressive, outspoken, and not content to sit back and watch while the world is burned to the ground by capitalist interests and governed by clueless morons who don’t give a shit. We might not all see eye to eye on every individual issue but in drawing attention to the gaping cracks in the foundations of society as we see them we can become better educated and equipped to make some changes.

Lyrically the track takes primarily at the exploitation of women in the porn industry and the poor understanding of consent, and compassion that violent pornography breeds in young men. It’s an empowering message and its delivered with the appropriate passion and potency.

The band create a massive sound, it’s raw, it’s pure, and it’s electrifyingly charged. The guitars growl, the drums quake, and the vocals wail out a gut punching melody that stiches it all together. At times the track retreats to a quieter space to reflect for a second before it comes bursting back out even louder and stronger than before.

This is a band that intend to make a lot of noise and we can’t wait until they’re touring so we can bask in the pure sonic bliss of the expertly crafted crater creating caterwauling chaos of it!

Words by Matt Miles

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