New Music – Monokino ‘Your Underground’

Monokino brings together concrete blocks of experimental noise dug out from beneath the beating heart of the city to create a super cool soundscape.

Your Underground shows off a much fiercer and edgier side to Monokino‘s sound. It has a prowling energy to it, pent up and ready to pounce.

It begins with this sparkling guitar which quickly subsides to reveal this wacky little beat that sounds like it belongs on a Mario Kart soundtrack.

The track allows Monokino to mingle into the more experimental sound and play with his vocals. Effortlessly switching between falsetto and baritone to create this back and forth harmony with himself.

Monokino emerges from the darker shadow cast by Your Underground with a glow to his sillouette. The track shows an accomplished musician playing with music and obviously enjoying it.

Over the course of the song we get an insight into the different compositional elements as it evolves and shapeshifts. This is music that defies genre, it is pure, raw, and magnificent.

Words by Matt Miles

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