New Music – Jellybean Machine ‘I’m Not Depressed, You Are’

If Jellybean Machine proved their eccentric and exciting willingness to experiment with previous rock opera album ‘The Curiosity Of The Cat’, the new release continues in that vein, blurring genres and sounding great doing it.

It starts with a whirlwind of happy sounding guitars before the beautiful fluttering tornado is shattered by a discordant strum and the vocals come in.

“I don’t wanna talk about my past
So I don’t know why you would ask”

Vocally it has a punk poetic sound to the track, laid back but with enough power in it to actually be felt. The lyrics examine the over examination of probing questions and encourage us all to look inwards.

The guitar work throughout the track really sparkles, it has that upbeat surf rock energy that contrasts with the lyrical content beautifully. There are several moments where the guitars tear away in a more proggy or classical solo and the wiggling riffs send your stomach a flutter.

This is a band not afraid to put a boot right through the outer edge of the box and burst out with an entirely unique sound.

The last album was an adventure, the next promises to be just as inventive.

Words by Matt Miles

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