New Music – A Continent Named Coma ‘Regressor (feat HANDSXFEET)’

It begins with being born, we are unceremoniously evicted from the warm weightless comfort of the womb and submerged into the overwhelming new.

Regressor‘ takes this chaos and highly charged emotive state to craft it into a frenetic soundscape. Each note playing a part both beautiful and terrifying.

Following in the footsteps of bands like Envy they take the poetry of honest and passionate lyricism and give it an ever building cascade of instrumentation to pummel its fists against.

As the track evolves the power and confidence of it grows. When it finally explodes in righteous fury every instrument is there supporting its brothers and sisters in perfect harmony waging war on the cardboard cutout monotony of the mainstream.

Lyrically every line is soaked through with the blood and tears that went into writing it, sodden with sincerity. It’s gorgeously crafted and tackles the mental health issues at its heart with care and understanding.

Regressor‘ is atmospheric and creates this fuzzy dreamlike feeling that you can’t help but get lost in. But it is also gargantuan in sound, easily toppling expectations as each giant foot sends tremors outwards making a meteoric impact.

Words by Matt Miles

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