New Music – Gravity Circus ‘Shakey Little Dice Roll’

Gravity Circus is a black hole, the density of this huge sound implodes on itself and sucks anything that passes by its orbit to get sucked right into the supernova of sound.

The track starts off simply enough with a familiar strut and swagger on an overamped guitar. But this cheeky little duo don’t take too long before they switch it up.

Gravity Circus delight in stitching together influences and sounds that don’t normally place together. The resulting collage is infinitely unique and all the more rich for it.

The chorus for ‘Shakey Little Dice Roll’ easily lodges itself in your mind and will keep shake, rattling, and rolling around in there for days.

There is a coiled ferocity to the band that doesn’t feel fully unleashed on this track. Instead they dance merrily with a more pop-rock sound. Saving the claw out pounce for other points on the album.

This is an act that easily reels you in no matter which track you hear first. You can hear the intricate layering, odd instrumentation, and eclectic influences.

Words by Matt Miles

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