New Music – Sketch ‘Insomnia’

Pop-punk done right, Sketch perfectly blends the raw aggression and hard edges of punk with something a bit more melodic. It’s choruses take off in the direction of a thrash metal ballad but maintain a dry wit.

Sketch as a project has an interesting origin story, starting off as a single 6 minute track that was then broken apart into its individual parts and expanded on. Like the genesis Sketch maintains some blurred lines in genre and influence. Which is precisely what lends it such a unique sound.

Underneath the energetic pop-punk delivery is this thunderous thrash guitar that just tears through the speaker. Vocally there is a lot more spit and venom to the delivery than your average pin up pop punk band too.

It’s in the chorus though that Sketch really shows off it’s teeth though digging into a much more classic rock or metal sound with some impressive range and belt.

Lyrically it’s a track about reflecting on chasing that next buzz and whether it’s worth it. It’s a mature and well written reflection and doesn’t try to glamorise or polarise.

Words by Matt Miles

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