New Music – crush ‘All My Plants Are Dead’




‘All My Plants Are Dead’ is the latest single from Manchester based shoegazers, crush. Having formed just two years ago, the band have already picked up significant support and found their streams going up up up. Speaking on the track the band said, “‘The song focuses on the idea of the cold human race and an increasingly insular society. It’s about struggling to look after yourself as much as it is struggling to look after your houseplants. Really just a message of looking after and understanding each other a bit better, and a critique of how modern living at times can make this an unattractive and hard to achieve concept.”

There is a gentle, delicate nature to ‘All My Plants Are Dead’, its soft vocals compliment the slow burning energy but underneath this that is a sense of aggression in the guitars that bubbles away under the surface. This creates a lovely contrast but doesn’t overpower the song and it’s these subtleties that sets this song on a different level.

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