New Music – Kera ‘Vitamin T’

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American artist Kera shows off their new track ‘Vitamin T’, a beautiful new offering from the self-descibed ‘Bi-Polar Folk’ musician. Speaking on the track the L.A. based singer songwriter states; “‘VITAMIN T’ is an exploration into connection, and the importance of acknowledging and understanding the change in some relationships. I was thinking about the people that are no longer in my life and how, at first, that separation caused immense pain and resentment in my heart. In time I began to recognize there were reasons for these changes; and now I’ve learned to view these experiences through a more compassionate lens.I wrote this song to honor my past relationships and to celebrate those that have given me the tools to identify the type of support I want to give and surround myself with.”

The new single is a mix of 60s and 70s rock, that comes through stripped back to a gorgeous and simplistic sound. The track has a wavy, minimalist sound to it that really pulls the soft vocal to the front and allows it to occupy much of the sonic space in the song, and rightly so as it adds a quite beautiful layer on top of a pared back wonder of a single.

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