Interview: Brian Henry – Herny’s Wood Jamaica


These eco-friendly and beautiful looking watches have been popping up on our social feeds more and more and we had to reach out and at least try and score ourselves a freebie. We spoke with the man behind the beautiful timepieces about his vision and the ethos behind it all. The stunning little beauties can really help an outfit to pop, don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Brian Henry, also knows as “Aubyn Henry” I’m a serial entrepreneur and the CEO & Founder of Herny’s Wood Jamaica and Aubyn Distributors Limited. Herny’s Wood Jamaica is an eco-friendly brand that provides both sunglasses/frames and watches, under my company Aubyn Distributors. Herny’s Wood Jamaica focuses its efforts in delivering what nature has to offer by designing beautifully unique eco – products for an alternative lifestyle. All our sunglasses and watches are 100% natural, without the use of any toxic materials.
How did you get started? How does one go about becoming an entrepreneur?

I got my initial capital from hosting events in Jamaica and Miami. I took off from there with having 3 partners in my company. Entrepreneurship is a wide term. You can be an entrepreneur in pretty much any region. The mind frame is what is important. Discover a business that won’t just be fruitful but what you’re passionate about. Being an entrepreneur is hard work, so you need to concentrate on something you care about. Nothing comes easy so when the going gets tough, just keep going. It’s a risk and sometimes you have to take the risk, put in the work so that you can receive all the rewards.
So no tiny $1 billion dollar loan from Dad then? 

Haha, Nope. I wish.
Why watches and sunglasses?

Well, it’s not just watches and sunglasses but if in relation to Herny’s Wood Jamaica, the brand is growing so something else may come shortly. Right now I believe that watches and sunglasses add so much to a persons aesthetic and character.
What is your favorite piece or design so far?

It’s really hard to choose because I honestly love all of them, unique style with all of the pieces.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Any particular brands or influencers that you follow fanatically?

Na, none in particular. I just absorb from what I feel, things I see.
We’ve been looking through some of the different styles on the site and they all look absolutely radical, how does the wood feel on your skin though?

Thanks, I appreciate it. Well it feels like wood, just kidding, it feels very smooth to the touch, they’re lightweight but durable.

Any chance of a freebie for your good buddies at Yack Magazine? We’ll wear it every day, we promise.

Haha, whenever you’re visiting Jamaica just hit me up.

Okay, hard-hitting questions now; it’s late at night, you’re walking home alone, as you move through a dark alley Hulk Hogan jumps out of nowhere and demands your wallet… brother. What do you do?

Keep walking bro, we can square up if he wants to.

So what’s next for Brian Henry? What have you got in the works?

You’ll just have to wait and keep up to date on all the premieres on the horizon.

You can check out Brian’s fantastic range of sunglasses and watches and pick yourself out some eco-friendly fresh fashion for this summer at Herny’s Wood Jamaica. You can follow all the latest updates over on their Instagram page. You can also follow Brian’s personal Instagram account here.

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