New Music – LOUD HOUND ‘Cause A Commotion’




‘Cause A Commotion’ is the third single from singer songwriter Tommy Florio’s solo project LOUD HOUND. Coming from a small town in New Jersey, LOUD HOUND draws on the feelings of isolation and loneliness to fill his music with deep, personal meaning. Having picked up a huge amount of support from Spotify as well as online blogs lapping up LOUD HOUND’s most recent single, the artist will be looking to capture theminds of more potential fans with this one.

The new single has a stripped back feeling to it, opening with a minimalist approach before exploding into a ferocious chorus. Florio’s jittering vocals add a real spice to the track, pulling in a mysterious edge to proceedings. With the track being littered with early 00s rock influence, LOUD HOUND’s new single is a super example of how effective this genre can be used in a modern context.

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