Track Of The Day – TV Sets ‘Your Voice On Tape’




TV Sets are a indie rock band out of Canada who over the last few years have been picking up all kinds of praise across the board. Not least from the hyper-cool Gold Flake Paint, a real solid indicator that these guys are making some seriously cool sounds. Pulling influence from the likes of The Smashing Pumpkins, Mount Kimbie and New Order, TV Sets come through with their new single ‘Your Voice On Tape’ a metaphor of people’s inability to recognize their own ‘voice on tape’ upon hearing it back.

Opening with woozy guitars lines, the track layers up with dreamy tones through a gorgeous vocal and more guitars. There’s a darker lo-fi tinge to this one but the choruses come through like a light breeze to bring a brighter feeling. The addition of sparkly synths lets this song pop in a subtle, understated way, a real testament to the songwriting ability of a band who have been plying their trade for a while and have totally nailed down their own signature sound.

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