New Music – Loneborn ‘Bad Times’

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Loneborn are an American duo who came together over a few beers and jam session. When things started looking bright between the pair they eventually released their debut EP in 2018. In just a short space of time they have built a formidable back catalogue of indie infused pop tracks. Latest single ‘Bad Times’ doesn’t buck the trend and is released alongside the B-side ‘Silence’.

‘Bad Times’ has a real funky beat that builds a solid upbeat energy in the track. It has the big, glorious sounds akin to that of a Sundara Karma or Bombay Bicycle Club. Jangly, clean guitars play a subtle, yet commanding role in this one, making the sound bright and playful whilst the rhythms and beats bring more fun to the proceedings. ‘Bad Times’ really is a soundtrack to the good times and would surely play a part in any party playlist.

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