Premiere – Joshua Powell ‘Black Lodge (water)’




It is a huge pleasure to bring to you the first listen of Indianapolis based singer songwriter Joshua Powell’s new single ‘Black Lodge (water)’. Powell’s work ethic is of the old school variety and his relentless touring schedule has seen the artist play over 700 shows in 40 different states. The hard work goes a long way and it shows in the absolute professionalism that shines through in his new material. Blending a range of sounds and topics is creating a quite stunning mix of he describes as being ‘simultaneously socially conscious and spiritually turbulent’.

Coming from the latest album ‘PSYCHO/TROPIC’, the new single delves deep into the huge range of influences in Joshua’s work. Complete with a new music video which was shot whilst on one of the artist’s extensive tours and directed by West Hollywood based Thom Newell, ‘Black Lodge (water)’ is a wholly complete piece of music. With moments that delve into the psych sounds akin to Tame Impala as well as heavier alt rock sounds that add an anthemic power to the track, Joshua fuses a number of styles into a raw, energetic performance. This is an artist that undeniably deserves more attention and with a desire to work the live circuits of America on the scale that Joshua is doing it will only be a matter of time before his name is in brighter lights.

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