New Music – Venus Demilo ‘All I Want’

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Liverpool based trio Venus Demilo emerge with another stand out single, the second from their upcoming EP ‘The Rest Is Just Noise’ due to be release at some point this year. We have picked up on these guys before and they continue to grow with each passing release. According to the band the latest single ‘All I Want’ explores the conflict between head and heart but then resolves to suggest that whatever obstacles that lie in the way can be overcome.

Firing out the blocks with technical riffs and deep guitar tones, the new release instantly sets the scene for something a little darker from the band. As the track expands the musicality becomes a little brighter, however the vocal and lyrical content keeps the track in a moodier place. The production allows for this atmosphere to flourish and softer verse blossom into anthem sized choruses leaving no doubt in our minds that Venus Demilo will go a long way.

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