Track Of The Day – VIOLET ‘Wilt’




Midlands based VIOLET have already picked up heaps of praise in just a short amount of time with the likes of Clash and Dork already getting on board with these guys. ‘Wilt’ is just the band’s fourth single and is laying down a marker for the bands 90s infused indie rock. Speaking on the track the band say “Wilt was one of those songs that just materialised out of nothing and all fell into place so naturally, it’s all about evolving through new situations in life that you never fathomed would happen to you, whether negative or positive, the whole things a little perplexing and a little strange.” 

The new single is a superbly mixed offering of noise and melody. Whilst choruses blow you away with fuzzy guitars and huge soundscapes, the verse bring you back down into a mellow, chorus drenched place. There are moments that sounds like Nirvana, others that sound like Pixies and others that are just VIOLET’s own take on a genre that holds a place in the hearts of so many. Their lyrics and honest and often raw but the delivery sets them apart with a laid back yet charming performance.

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