New Music – Mirage Club ‘Communication’




French trio Mirage Club recently the new single ‘Communication’ from their upcoming EP due for release on October. The band premiered the track  on Radio 6 and alongside other key supporters getting on board Mirage Club are really marching through 2019 on a mission. Talking about the new track the band state “Music has always offered itself as a window to freedom and satisfaction. It makes time run much faster than it usually does too. In this mixed-up century where evolution tends to overwhelm us, the three of us embarked on a journey towards a Cartesian-driven disco where words become meaningful.”

With a throwback disco feel, ‘Communication’ instantly pulls you into a smokey 70s nightclub with seductive basslines and a saucy little groove. The choruses is full of infectious hooky melodies that bring a beauty with their simplicity, enough to get you dancing. ‘Communication’ is laden with the kind of energy that would go off a live show, upbeat, vibrant and instantly lovable. Be sure to keep track of these guys as they will go far.

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