New Music – LOCALS ‘Talkboy’




Here’s a new track coming through one of Yack!’s favourite small labels Clue Records. The band – LOCALS, the track – ‘Talkboy’. A project that strives to keep the fun in music, LOCALS was formed in the mind of singer songwriter Peech Panko and following a move from the north to the capital, what was once a thought became a reality. The band have already had success with their early material and are looking to put out an EP by the end of the year – Keep you eyes open.

The new single is glorious lo fi indie rock in its finest form. Fun, upbeat guitars give the sense that nothing is taken too seriously, and it needn’t be with offerings like ‘Talkboy’ setting a carefree tone for LOCALS. There is a grungy feeling that comes along with the new track but ultimately it comes through as an uptempo slacker-esque slice of rock. The melodies are as good as the next and for a band that have a limited back catalogue you can only imagine that it won’t be too long before LOCALS name is common place among London’s thriving indie scene.

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