New Music – OKO TYGRA ‘Ghosts’




So this one comes with a very interesting story. Following an accident that left band member Joshua Novak with a life-threatening head injury, the artist realised something had to change and having spent a notable and challenging career as a solo artist in Denver, Colorado, this unforeseen moment became the beginnings of OKO TYGRA. The new single ‘Ghosts’ is from the band’s album ‘Assistoma’, released last week through LA-based indie label Grey Market.

The single holds a dreamy, 80s inspired feeling with mellow strummed guitars bringing a vibrant energy. The vocal is soothing and drifts across the track beautifully, only adding to the gorgeous atmosphere. This is one of those tracks where nothing is over stated, over worked or done without reason and ‘Ghosts’ beauty really lays in its simplicity. Subtle synths join the party, building a bigger more luxurious soundscape that can do nothing but captivate.

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