New Music – Niki Moss ‘Avalanches’




Not only is Portugal’s Niki Moss a multi instrumentalist singer songwriter, he is also a member of Psych band ‘Savanna’ and a producer for many local indie bands in the country. So you’d expect a fairly masterful approach to his own solo work, thankfully that’s what you get. New single ‘Avalanches’ is just the fourth release from the artist and is described as being “about boredom, about wanting to leave, about getting smashed by the avalanches of reality that block your path and keep pushing you back. It’s also a song about not belonging and not really aiming to belong either”

Musically it is soft, mellow, gorgeous and has a vibrant, bright feeling from subtle synth work and a superb vocal performance. There are moments that feel dreamy, others that feel slightly industrial but they come together in almost perfect harmony to create something truly captivating. ‘Avalanches’ is a track that really keeps you on your toes, moving swiftly from section to section but always coming back to its main theme that it holds close to its core. Insightfully experimental stuff from an intriguing artist who has more to shout about than this.

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