New Music – The Hails ‘Cabaret’




Florida’s The Hail are a five piece indie rock band that are create some super smooth sounds infused with some gorgeous moments of synth pop. The new single ‘Cabaret’ is a continuation of the bands consistent output planned for the rest of 2019 and sets a marker for the kind of high calibre tunes these guys are making. They have hit the heights of number one on the Hype Machine chart and are becoming recognised internationally as a band that you must keep an eye on.

‘Cabaret’ is a sparkling gem driven by clean, jangling guitars and a stunning vocal performance. The track glistens in a synthy haze whilst pulling through many catchy indie rock elements, from noodling riffs to high energy choruses. ‘Cabaret’ really hits the spot with its glitzy, polished sound. It is a superb follow on from their last single ‘Stay’ that we recently featured here, this time though ‘Cabaret’ has a poppier sound that is equally as infectious. We’re really into these guys and strongly suggest you get on board now.

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