New Music – Hermitage Green ‘Heaven’




Ireland’s Hermitage Green emerge with a spectacular new single ‘Heaven’. Having recently sold out a nine date tour of Canada as well as playing some high profile festivals over the last year, the band are continuing to produce the kind of genre melding music that is captivating audiences. The release follows the band’s most recent EP “Gold & Rust” and their touching cover of “Dreams”, a tribute to The Cranberries and the late Dolores O’Riordan which garnered worldwide applause.

‘Heaven’ combines influences from heavy rock through to gospel and has an air of old-timey american folk song about it. The track has an underlining note of country with carefully strummed slide and acoustic guitars being accompanied by gorgeous gospel inspired call and response harmonies that leave the track on a level with folk standards like ‘O Death’. However Hermitage Green pull this style into the modern context through hints of alternative and heavy rock that subtle convey themselves and even go unnoticed but certainly add another layer to incredibly intriguing number.

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