New Music – Caelo ‘Why Don’t We Just Look Up’




An alt rock trio from South Africa… That’s what Caelo are and it’s not everyday we get artists coming out of SA so this is a welcome addition to the Yack! archives. Having taken a hiatus from the live scene, the band are now returning with their first batch of new material for a year following a serious motorcycle accident involving the band’s guitarist. This gave Caelo the time to hone in on their sound and we’re pleased to see that all is well now. Their debut came just 2 years ago and have since gone on to pick up widespread praise across online blogs as well as working non stop on the live scene.

‘Why Don’t We Just Look Up’ is a mega upbeat indie track, vocally there are elements that remind one of Foals early work however there is a much deeper and richer range of influences that come with this one. The choruses have the kind of heavy, melodic feeling of Biffy Clyro, whilst the verses offer something a little more rhythmically interesting. Nothing it done quite by the book, and in a good way, the rules are broken by Caelo that have really found a sound of their own in quite a saturated genre.

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