New Music – Anna Wiebe ‘Fortune’




Anna Wiebe is not your average singer songwriter, far from it in fact and the new single ‘Fortune’ displays a much more interesting take on a often bland genre tag. Hailing from Ontario, Anna Wiebe’s new single is a slick taster of the upcoming album ‘All I Do Is Move’ due this summer, an album that focuses around the mental growth and movement that comes with life’s lessons.

‘Fortune’ has a kind of melancholic feeling to it, whilst Anna’s bright vocal shines gritty guitars strum with a laziness that brings with them their own low key energy. There are moments in the track that feel like it is ready to explode into life, however it remains true to itself and has a deliberately restrained feeling which adds a totally unique dynamic to the track. It places ‘Fortune’ is delicate and in others it is raw and loud which allows Anna Wiebe to show off her incredible ability to write songs that do not conform.

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