New Music – Pale Moon ‘Waiting For The Sun’




Pale Moon are the psychedelic rock group coming from Iceland via Russia and together creating music inspired by the likes of The Rolling Stones and feelings of isolation in the Icelandic countryside. The latest single comes from the recently released debut EP ‘Dust Of Days’, the title referring to the winter days in Iceland, when day are just 4-hour long and sun never comes. Alongside this musical project the band also dip their toes into the waters of podcasting and live bookings with emerging bands in Iceland from the comfort of their concept store Kvartyra 49 in Reykjavik.

The latest single offers a sunny upbeat feeling from the outset with woozy guitars leaving a glowing haze on the track. The basslines are sharp and punchy and offer a solid grove that drives the track forward with a subtle pulse, whilst the vocals bring a gorgeous, pure sound that elevates the track in a heavenly manner. There are elements of 60s psych rock with a modern twist akin to the sounds of Tame Impala, however the choruses are more straight forward and push through mellow, yet catchy hooks.

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