Track Of The Day – Glom ‘4:1’




Another returning artist now, this time it’s Brooklyn based quintet Glom whose single ‘Tell Me Who To Be’ was recently featured here. Coming from the band’s upcoming debut album, ‘4:1’ is the latest single looking to take Glom to the big time with their brand of warm, fuzzy indie rock. With praise coming across the online world and having already released a steady stream of music this year, the band look like they are ready to make a real statement this year and you should certainly be across it.

‘4:1’ opens with luscious, deep soundscapes underlined by subtle acoustic guitars that totally add to this feeling. The track’s warmth allows it to grow into a slow, charming number that is expertly crafted and leave you feeling fully attached. As the track develops it blossoms into a wider sound and soft drawn-out synths build a stunning atmosphere for a smooth and accomplished vocal to flourish. ‘4:1’s melodies and hooks are super infectious, the type of thing that gets stuck with you for days to come.

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