New Music – Winona Forever ‘Gazing’




Winona Forever are a four piece pop band from Montreal. Forming in 2014, the band has put two Canadian tours under their belt as well as self-produced all of their own music. There is an excitement building around this band with recent singles picking up high praise. Winona Forever now look to reach new listeners with a new album ‘FeelGood’ later this year and will be continuing to spread their love of music, with an independent spirit.

The latest single ‘Gazing’ is a super playful, upbeat pop track with classic indie undertones. With a sound similar to that of Tim Atlas , the new release emerges with a fun, synth heavy sound and a groovy rhythm section that washes the track with a seductive and smooth feeling. As’Gazing’ develops it moves into wonkier territory with woozy guitars and washed-out vocals, giving the track a dynamism and demonstrating the bands ability to work across different genres and sounds with expert precision.

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