Track Of The Day – Jumanji ‘X’




Today’s track of the day is an absolute bop. It comes from Brighton’s Jumanji and is simply titled ‘X’. The band have already received support from BBC Radio 1 and it’s no wonder really when they are putting out upbeat summery jams like this. With a bunch of live shows scheduled for the next couple of months there must surely be a new body of work in the making and when it arrives we’ll be there.

The summery little number ‘X’ comes just in time for the little splash of sunshine that the UK is experiencing. That is exactly what this track is, a little splash of sunshine. The guitars are bright and playful the vocals are sweet and smooth and the rhythms are truly infectious. This is proper British indie pop with a hint of Bombay Bicycle Club, Foals, The 1975 all these classic upbeat guitar bands that have grown out of the UK. If the band keep this kind of output up they’ll be spoken about in the same sentence as this bands sooner rather than later.

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