New Music – Alison’s Fall ‘One More Time’




Dutch alternative duo Alison’s Fall arrive with their second single ‘One More Time’. Since their humble beginnings, Alison’s Fall have been incorporating elements of electro, pop and alternative rock into an extremely distinctive sound that brother and sister partnership  Pepijn and Floortje van der Kooy have made their own.

With ‘One More Time’ the band feel many steps ahead of this, just their second release, a consummate and masterful piece of music constructed with a clear vision. Whilst the vocals adds a dark energy, the guitars give a bright underbelly to the song and this juxtaposition of moods is a striking one.

Speaking on the track the band say “‘One More Time’ is about the struggle and insecurity when someone’s getting closer to you and you start to care for them. At first you only want to show them the happy and fun side of yourself. But when you spend more time with them, you can’t always keep them from the dark.”

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