Track Of The Day – Abbie Ozard ‘Growing Pains’




You may remember Abbie Ozard from our Christmas playlist where we featured her stunning version of East 17’s ‘Stay Another Day’. Now the Manchester based artist reveals her latest single ‘Growing Pains’, another gorgeous offering from the young artist that comes deeply inspired by 80s sad boy pop. With new music on the way through Modern Sky Records we are sure you’ll be hearing a lot more from this precocious talent.

‘Growing Pains’ is drenched in The Cure style synths which gives Abbie’s beautiful, understated vocal a platform to drift around elegantly on top of. Everything about the new single is dreamy and atmospheric but it also displays moments of playfulness and the choruses indulge us with sublime hooks. It is catchy and fun and Abbie really hits the nail on the head with ‘Growing Pains’

Speaking on the track Abbie states; “The song talks about a young person’s perception of love and the confusion that comes with it. I wanted to write a song that makes teenagers feel less isolated when falling in and out of love and struggling with identity and acceptance. A challenge that I’ve had to go through myself and one which I’m sure many others have to or are yet to go through.”

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